Type Deluxe
Double Bed
Semi Deluxe
Double Bed
Floor 1st & 2nd Floor 1st & 2nd floor rear Extra person
above 12 yrs
Juniors between 5-12
view From Room Front + Side full
panoramic view of
Kinner Kailash range
Side view through large side
In double bedded
In double bedded
Room No. 301 , 302 , 303 , 304 ,
305 & 306
103 , 104 , 105 & 106
Room only
for 2 guests

for 2 guests
400 250
Room + Bed tea+
Stand Breakfast
for 2 guests
for 2 guests
700 550
Room + Bed tea+
Breakfast + Dinner
for 2 guests
for 2 guests
1100 900
Room + +Bed tea + Breakfast
+ Lunch +
Even. Snacks & Tea + Dinner
for 2 guests
for 2 guests
1600 1100

Facilities in rooms:

Deluxe rooms: TV with Tatasky, Automatic Elec. Blanket under bed-sheet. Attached bath western style, geyser, Size: 200 Sq. ft. (approx), Bathroom: 70 Sq. ft.

Semi Deluxe Rooms:  TV with TataSky. WSC attached bath, Geyser. Size:180 sqft. (approx), Bathroom: 70 sqft.

Kalpa at an altitude of 9600 Ft above mean sea level is always winter (with low humidity).  The ambient temperature remains between 5 to 20 degree Celsius and the Relative Humidity ranges 45% to 80%. Even no fan is required, Warm clothes are must for any season in Kalpa. So, none of the rooms are fitted with AC or a Fan.


Advance payment: The Payment must be 100% after confirmation of the booking. 


Booking procedure:

The booking procedure involves the following stages:

(1)    We do not revise the E.P. tariff on our own, since it is notified by the Govt. of H.P. for Hotel Golden Apple, Kalpa. The rates in other plans (CPAI, MAPAI and APAI) may be revised based on food recommendations.

(2)    Please send requisitions by e-mail for obtaining vacancy status.

(3)    The hotel would response through e-mail the Provisional Reservation Document stating the financial terms and all details with a validity period of 5 days or less.

(4)    The Hotel will send the final reservation confirmation through e-mail - now the deal is completed.

(5)    Further, please note that if the guests do not check-in on the first day without any information till 12 Noon on the 2nd day of reservation, the rooms may be given to the running guest(s) after 12 Noon of the 2nd day. In such case no refund will be made for the unavailed reservation.


Cancellation charges: The following cancellation charges are in line of HPTDC hotel rules.

In case request for cancellation in full or a part or reduction of days of reservation is received

a Above 60 days in advance Rs. 100/-
b before 7 clear days or more in advance before the scheduled date of check in 20% of the total amount as per tariff offered will be retained by us
c between 4 to 6 days before the scheduled date of check in 50% of total amount as per tariff offered will be retained by us.
d less than 4 days before the date of arrival or after arrival No refund

Type of food to be served under CP/MAP/AP:
Bed tea & Breakfast (Standard) Lunch Evening snacks Dinner

1. Bed Tea with Biscuits.

+ any one of the following:

Basmati rice, Tawa Roti &
Daal (Pulses), +  Vegetables + Veg. Curry

Vegetable Pakoras

Basmati rice + Tawa Roti  + Daal (Pulses),

+ Vegetable Curry  

2. Corn-flakes with milk

Bread with Butter/Jam + 02 Eggs of your choice





Chicken Curry

3. Puri and Sabji.


Chicken Curry



Salad + Papad + Pickles + Sweet Dish of the day.

4. Stuffed Aloo Paratha  


Tea or Coffee.

+ Achar and Papad.


We also prepare Jain Food and Pure Vegetarian food - if ordered in advance.

Mode of Payment:

After ascertaining the room-availability status & receiving the provisional reservation document through e-mail, you may kindly deposit the advance amount in full, by cash/cheque/Internet Transfer – NEFT/IMPS in our Bank account as shall be advised through our e-mail.

With regards

Suranjan De'

Cell: +91-9971130673; +91-9811785836

Mrs Sangeeta De'

Cell: +91-9958838485