Kinnaur - The Land of Gods.

Kalpa – named after a day in the life of Brahma, equal to 4.32 billion human years.

Kinnaur is one of the twelve districts of Himachal Pradesh. The district is divided into three administrative areas – Pooh, Kalpa, and Nichar. The administrative headquarter of Kinnaur district is at Reckong Peo, from here Sangla valley, Recong Peo, Kalpa, Kinner Kailash - considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva, can be viewed, which is the peak of Kinner Kailash mountain an80 ft. column of quartz refracting the rays of the sun.

Kinnaur is surrounded by Tibet in the east and is about 265 kms. from Shimla. It is an immensely beautiful district having the three high mountains ranges Zanskar, Greater Himalayas and Dhauladhar and enclosing the valleys of the rivers Sutlej, Spiti, Baspa and their tributaries, all the valleys are strikingly beautiful. The slopes are covered with thick wood, orchards, fields and picturesque hamlets and were opened for the outsiders in 1989 before which, Chinese shepherd grazed their sheep here. The old trade route of Hindustan-Tibet Road passes through the Kinnaur Valley - NH-22, along the bank of river Sutlej and finally enters Tibet at Shipki-La-Pass. The gushing rivers of Kinnaur abound in Trout - the angler's prize catch. Now this area has been opened for the daring and adventurous to discover what had been hidden from the world for centuries.

Kinnaur’sscenic beauty is not the only thing that appeals to the mind, but also the life style of the people, their culture, heritage, customs and traditions. The very honest people generally follow Buddhism and Hinduism and believe that the Pandavas’ came and resided in this land while in exile. In ancient mythology the people of Kinnaur are known as Kinners’ - halfway between men and gods – the abode of Kamadeva and Rati, whose deeds have been immortalized in epics and the poems of ancient Sanskrit poets. Thousands of years old monasteries still exist in the area and both the Buddhists and Hindus live here in perfect harmony.

Kalpa is a small town in the Sutlej river valley, above Recong Peo in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, located in the dizzying heights of the inner Himalayas, with passes that remain closed for six months linking them with the rest of the world, Kinnaur, Spiti & Lahaul were till now a forbidden land. Only a chosen few were granted permission to visit this secret world - officials, Moravian missionaries who settled here in 1853 and a few mountaineers. Kalpa is famous for its apple orchards, the major cash-crop for the region and literacy in Kalpa is approx. 84%. India's first ever voter Shyam Saran Negi also belongs to Kalpa, born in 1917 is healthy and bubbling with life.

Kalpa is famous for its ancient temples while the Sutlej River hurtles below through deep gorges with the winding mountain road bordered by Chilgoza (Neoza Pine) forests. The view from Kalpa is breath-taking, from here is seen the sacred Shivling rock on the Kailash Mountain that changes its color at different points in the day, there are spectacular sights early in the morning as the rising sun touches the snowy peak with crimson and golden light. In winter all the villages are covered by about 5to 7 ft. of snow, and the temperature can drop to as low as minus 20°C, woollens are required even most of the times in summer. From here you can continue upwards to the Spiti Valley, which was a part of Tibet earlier. Beautiful trekking route includes the “Parikrama of Kinner Kailash.”

General Information:

Area : 6401 sq. km: Population: 78,334 ; Languages: Kinnauri, Hindi and English and Tibetan.

Altitude: Kalpa - 2670 mts i.e. 9711 ft above mean sea level (Kalpa)

Clothing: Light woollen in summer | Heavy woollens in winter :Visiting season: March to December

Places to visit and distances in Kms: Chitkul : 64 / Sangla : 38 / Nako : 105 / Puh : 68

Kalpa a paradise for health, with one of the most valuable high altitude ecosystems in the world is rich in pure oxygen and negatively charged ions. Kalpa’s supply of glacier melted water, very rich in rare mineral content, is actually an inhibitor of diseases. A stay in Kalpa is believed to get rid of many of our diseases, gets you energised and charged and enhances longevity.

Enjoy the solitude and peace of mind and let your spiritual journey begin. Unleash the opening of the forces of the chakras to be one with your mind, body and soul. Meditate and interact to enlighten yourselves with the wisdom of the knowledge of thousands of years acquired by the monks and locals.